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The Helioviewer Project

The aim of the Helioviewer Project is to enable exploration of the Sun and the inner heliosphere for everyone, everywhere via intuitive interfaces and novel technology. The project is split into two main development efforts:

Front-end: Helioviewer Browse Clients

  • - A web application for visualizing solar images and feature/event data in the web browser.
  • JHelioviewer - A Java/OpenGL application for visualizing time series of solar images and feature/event data.
  • hvTouch - mobile platform applications using Helioviewer Project capabilities.

Back-end: Helioviewer Server System

  • - Modular web application including a JPEG 2000 archive index, JPEG 2000 file acquisition, tiling engine, screenshot and movie generation and more.
  • JP2Gen - Software for converting FITS files to JPEG 2000.
  • ESA JPIP Server - JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol streaming server.

Contact Us

  • Report a problem - Something didn't work. We want to know about it.
  • Feedback - Please tell us how you are using the Helioviewer Project
  • Credits and attribution - How to credit usage of Helioviewer Project tools and services and the images/movies you create with them

Details of the tools and guidelines we use in our development can be found here. Further questions may be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions list.

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