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The Helioviewer Project provides tools and services that allow users to create images and movies of publicly available solar and heliospheric science data. The images we provide are not copyrighted unless explicitly noted. The source science data come from publicly funded missions operated by NASA, ESA and JAXA. The use of images and movies created using the Helioviewer Project for non-commercial purposes and public education and information efforts is strongly encouraged and requires no expressed authorization. It is requested, however, that any such use properly attributes the source of the images or data as:

  • Courtesy of NASA, ESA and JAXA.

If you wish to credit the Helioviewer Project explicitly, then please add:

  • Images and movies created using the ESA and NASA funded Helioviewer Project.

For media and commercial uses of NASA still images, audio recordings, video, and related computer files, please consult this page.

For use of SOHO images, please consult the SOHO copyright notice.

For further information, please email .

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